We believe that for-profit companies can be powerful agents of positive change in the world.

We work with your company’s senior leadership to help your organization achieve outstanding business results while positively impacting people and the world. Sometimes that involves a significant transformation of your business. Sometimes it’s about amplifying and accelerating what you’re already doing. In either case we become your partners in helping your business prosper as it helps the planet prosper.

How We Serve You

Our experience has demonstrated repeatedly that a business can’t succeed if it lacks clarity and strength in any of the four essentials below.

We focus our passion and expertise in partnering with our clients to excel in all four of them.

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Keynotes to Equip and Inspire

Our keynotes are designed and delivered so that they accomplish three things:

  1. They inspire people to excel.
  2. They inform people with the best thought currently available.
  3. They impact people so they raise their thinking to new levels.



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Some Of Our Past and Current Clients






Our venture into the process of redefining our organizational mission, vision and values, through to a coherent strategic plan for the next 3 years has been a dynamic and powerful journey! This has been possible as a result of the inspired mentoring of Blue Dot Strategy. 

Drawing upon their extensive experience and work in the corporate sector, Blue Dot was able to present and communicate concepts and expertise from the business world in ways that were surprisingly transferable to our work in community development. They have enabled us to discover and implement a renewed and powerful focus as a non-profit charitable organization!  

Ed Goerz, Executive Director Cornerstone Community Association

“I’ve felt so privileged to witness the leadership, business acumen and humanity that you weave into your work.”

(Team member)

“You not only show compassion but authority and knowledge to everything you speak to. You take the time to genuinely show gratitude to a job well done, or even express how the hurdles can be so great, but the best effort is what is expected.”

(Operations Manager)

“I really do appreciate your knowledge, talent and above all, your passion. I am convinced that it is this passion that will give other (very) fortunate people the benefit of meeting you, and learning from you. Keep helping people; transform lives, keep your passion.”

(Operations Manager)

“You’ve inspired a lot of great people to do a lot of great things. You provided a safe place for both the creative and worker bees alike, even in these uncertain times. You propelled us forward, after we’d been spinning standing still. Thank-you for all of it.”

(Team member)

“You taught us that it is possible to be a sensitive human being in the most difficult times.”

(Team member)

“Your focus on supporting the business is an example for all of us. And your sense of caring and attention to each of us, and our individual circumstances, provided a safety net through many difficult times.”

(Executive Director)

“It has been a deep honour and privilege to work with you. I love how you model the way, support, encourage and challenge us. You have been a breath of fresh air in bringing our humanity alive and present in our work place.”

(OD Professional)

“I have never met an OD consultant who thinks so deeply and so broadly at the same time. I learned something new every time you were in the room!”

(OD professional)

“Thanks so much for your guidance, patience and encouragement this year. Thanks for teaching all of us new ways to approach aspects of learning. Thanks for pushing us and leading by example.”


“Thank-you for who you are: passionate, inspiring, well-rounded, incredibly intellectual, a wonderful communicator, (I can go on and on…) and at the same time pragmatic! We are lucky to have you with us!!”


“I cannot tell you what a difference you have made. In such a short time your impact has been astounding. Your ability to dream big, stay positive with feet planted on the ground are something I admire every day! You have accomplished so much with us.”

(Executive Director)

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