Who We Are

Blue Dot Strategy™ is a consulting firm with two principal partners, Elizabeth Lancaster and Scott Campbell.

We have very different, and very complementary, strengths and skills. Together, we deliver a depth of experience, expertise, and ability that delivers exceptional service to our clients.

Our company name is significant. It expresses both our core focus as a consulting firm, and the core values that drive our work.

‘Blue Dot’ is taken from Carl Sagan’s moving description of the earth as the ‘pale blue dot.’ In that often quoted writing, he reminds us that the Blue Dot is the only home we will ever have and that we need to preserve and cherish it, and to treat each other with kindness.

We believe that for profit companies can be powerful agents of that kind of change in the world. Making a profit and making a profoundly positive impact on the earth and its inhabitants need not be in opposition to each other.


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Who We Work With

Our focus is on working with senior leaders of businesses who are fully committed to and focused on doing good in the world, both in the way in which they run their business, and in the products and services it delivers.

We call these “Blue Dot Businesses.”

They are found in all kinds of industries, but they share a common commitment to making a profit while positively changing the world.

You may be a leader of a company that is already operating in that manner, but you want to be even more successful than you currently are. We’d love the chance to talk with you and see if we can help accelerate and amplify the work you are already doing.

Alternatively, you may be the leader of a company that isn’t there yet, but you are fully committed to becoming a “Blue Dot Business.” You may not yet have begun that transition, or you may have started that journey, but you’re facing challenges that are impeding your progress. We can help you make the change successfully, faster than you imagine possible. It would be great to connect, and see how we could assist you.

Our Guiding Principles

We walk our talk. Always.

We work with for-profit companies whose focus is doing good for, and in, the world.

We invest 10% of our profits in highly effectively non-profit organizations working in the most needy areas of the world.

Every interaction creates value for our current and potential customers.

We create and actively sustain genuine relationships.

We learn and help others learn, constantly.

We have fun.