Blue Dot Business

How For Profit Companies Are Changing The World—For Good!

keynote-bluedotbusinessFor too long, making a profit and making a positive difference in the world have been seen as mutually exclusive.

But not anymore.

There’s a new wave of businesses who are realizing you can do both.

We call these types of companies, “Blue Dot Businesses.” They are striving to make excellent profits while doing business in a way that is good for the earth and good for its inhabitants. Some are private. Others are public. Some are small. Others are huge. All are striving to make a positive difference in the world through the way they conduct their business, and in the products and services they provide. And they are proving to be highly successful financially.

Something big is happening.

In this inspiring keynote, Scott will profile some of the most exciting and successful of these organizations. Some of them are well known. Most of them are not.  But they are all making a positive difference to the planet and its people, while succeeding as for profit businesses.

More importantly, he’ll discuss the key principles and practices these companies use to be successful. You’ll discover the core factors in becoming and succeeding as a Blue Dot Business. You’ll see how leaders think in these kinds of companies. How employees function in the business. How creativity and innovation are woven into the fabric of the organization. How the company engages with their communities, their suppliers, and their customers.

You’ll leave energized, challenged, and informed about what it takes to do business for the good of our pale blue dot.