Rising to the Challenge

What It Takes To Lead in the 21st Century

keynote-risingIt’s never been easy to lead well.

It’s also never been more difficult than it is today.

A convergence of technological and social forces has radically transformed the context in which organizations work and leaders lead. Ours is a work environment characterized by:

  • access to instant, real-time information—from anywhere about anything.
  • constant innovation, creating whole new industries and disrupting old ones.
  • higher and higher customer/client expectations for service, quality, convenience, and speed.
  • global and regional emergencies erupting more frequently that create chaos and strain our systems to respond adequately.
  • a work force that is often stressed by continual flux and anxious about an uncertain future.

This is the world of work in which you now have to live and lead.

So, what will it take  for you to rise to the challenge and be a great leader in such an environment?

In this engaging and provocative keynote, Scott will answer that question by unveiling four practices that are the new essentials for today’s leaders:

  • Staying connected to a deeper, self-transcending purpose for your leadership role.
  • Thinking and working from a complex systems perspective.
  • Using personal connection not positional power to influence others.
  • Mastering the art and science of true teaming and collaboration.

It’s certainly not easy to lead in our times. But it is possible. You can rise to the challenge

This keynote will show you how.