icon_busmodelDesigning New Business Models

Netflix. Amazon. Apple.

Three companies that have revolutionized their industries by creating new business models that give them a huge strategic advantage.


A company that clung to its old business model all the way to its grave.

In a world of lightning speed change, hyper-connectedness, constant technological innovation, and changing customer expectations, a company’s business model is something that must always be evaluated. Frequently it needs to be tweaked. Sometimes, it needs a significant redesign.

That requires two things:

  1. Fresh thinking—opening up to new perspectives; exploring and experimenting with new possibilities; abandoning old beliefs and questioning assumptions.
  2. An effective and efficient process for designing a new business model.

We can help with both.

We use processes and tools that equip you to see things from a different perspective, to break through old patterns of thought, and to see what’s really possible. We guide you in experimenting and prototyping as you develop your thinking, so that you have evidence that your new ideas will work. We help you balance risk and reward as you rethink your business.

And we have a clear and effective process for putting it all together into a new business model. One that works. For you. For your stakeholders. For the world.


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